Research fellow, MMLab@NTU

School of Computer Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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About Me

I am currently a postdoc at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, working with Prof. Ziwei Liu and Prof. Chen Change Loy. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Surrey, UK, under the supervision of Prof. Tao Xiang, in 2020. See my profile for more.

Research Interests

I am generally interested in AI, machine learning, and computer vision. My research centers around the development of generalizable and efficient machine learning algorithms for computer vision, with particular interests in the following topics: domain generalization/adaptation, transfer learning, self-supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, and few-shot learning.

Keywords: Generalizable and Efficient AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

If you are looking for the codes, models or data associated with my papers, please visit the Publications page.

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